Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dvorak touchtyping - week 1

So I’m going to try to learn how to touch-type again; this will be my second attempt, the first being about three months ago. The difference is that this time I’m switching to Dvorak cold-turkey; the last time I had also tried to learn Dvorak, but I think that the constant swiching between Dvorak and Qwerty was what ended being discouraging, as progress was very slow.

It’s been just over a week now, and the first few days were among the most frustrating I remember having in a long time. The double-switch of Dvorak and touch-typing proved very difficult. On the first day, it took me almost 20 mins to write a 5-line email sheerly due to my typing speed; it got to the stage that I was not emailing people back because the frustration at not being able to type was so great. It’s not so bad now; I can type at a reasonable speed, I’m guessing around 10-20 WPM, which is still horrendously slow but at least workable. I had set myself an ambitious goal of 80 WPM in a month, which right now doesn’t seem achievable, especially given my still very high error rate - still worth trying though…

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